Turkey, in the most classical term, is situated in the Northern hemisphere, in between Europe and Asia and on Anatolian and Thracian lands. Factors like it being a peninsula and being situated on the meeting point of Europe and Anatolia has helped this land to be a host for many civilizations throughout centuries.

Due to its diverse character, Turkey also contains a variety of architectural features. You can easily find yourself parading in a European city, as well as strolling around in a Middle Eastern neighborhood in the very same day. Turkey easily catches up with any European country thanks to its diversity of historical locations, streets, markets, shopping malls, beaches, houses, cafés and restaurants; while also containing an abundant natural wealth such as seas, lakes, mountains, forests, plains and highlands thanks to the advantage of its geographical advantages.

Turkish geography hosted many civilizations throughout history. This has helped Turkey to be a cosmopolitan country including many races, nations and religions. This is the main reason for being a quite favorable country when it comes to casting.

The geographical location and formations have caused different climatic types to occur. A great example to the seasonal diversity is the possibility of skiing and swimming in the same area. The variety of the climatic conditions also creates a wide a range of flora.

The film sector in Turkey is rapidly growing and expanding. This also increases the investments in the sector. Crewmembers who are already working with a great potential in commercial film production, now also serve in many internationally successful movies. This experience helps fulfill the need of qualified and professional personnel, as well as providing quality equipment within reach in order to execute world-class shootings.

One of the main reasons for big productions to be executed in Turkey is the possibility of appropriating this many elements for much cheaper than most of the countries. The differential rate of the Turkish Lira compared to US Dollars and Euros makes it possible for especially Western countries to receive service in the same standards and quality for much attractive terms. In addition to this, with the help of provisioned legal regulations which will subject the sector to tax deductions, the Turkish film sector will definitely make the country become an attraction point.