Anima Istanbul which started as an animation based production company in 1995, evolved into a fully integrated production company in 20 years, capable of producing films through every kind of production and animation technique, finalizing the post-production process in its own facility and providing every necessary service for a film production starting from the script stage until its broadcast. What makes us different is our ability to adapt to the changes that the digital world brings, as well as being a meeting point of talented people who carry out the newest ideas and techniques in the most creative and dynamic ways. This specific point of view and years of experience taught us that as far as “film” is concerned, there are no big or small films, but only “good films”. We believe that creating a good film requires special interest, investment, understanding and specialization. We think our films of various genres, all which include different elements, such as comedy, vignette, storytelling, action, beauty, CGI, and VFX, prove this belief. We are a crowded family, including our founders, in-house directors, producers, production teams, writers, character design team, art directors and postproduction team. What matters to us is that each and every member of this family is a curious, enthusiastic innovator, able to keep up with the times. The biggest catch to our success is our ever-growing and progressing staff. Ever since the first day we embarked upon this journey as Anima İstanbul, we existed thanks to our accurateness, diligence and love for this job. We will continue on our way with the same enthusiasm, raising our bar even higher than before.